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Click the link below to schedule your first official session in our online scheduling system, Acuity. You can save this link and page to schedule sessions anytime.

Once you schedule your first session it’ll ask if you want to create a profile - be sure not to miss this step!

Scheduling Sessions 



As a new client, we highly suggest setting up a recurring coaching time with Brian (though keep in mind you can always reschedule/cancel if needed). This link is good for both in-person and phone sessions. 

       *If meeting via phone or video conference, I ask that you are in a quiet
         space where you can talk freely. 


It will be up to you to keep track of your sessions (it’s accountability after all), make sure you’re meeting twice a month and if you have any trouble scheduling please don’t hesitate to reach out to Brian directly.


If you need help with our online scheduling system, follow this step-by-step video on how to schedule and create a profile in acuity How to Schedule and Create a Profile in Acuity Video



We try to make it as easy as possible for you to handle everything.


To reschedule: simply go into the appointment confirmation email from AcutiyScheduling, or log in to your Acuity account. You'll be able to reschedule/cancel directly from there.


You can either reschedule and find a new time or simply cancel your existing appointment and use one of the above link to find a new session time later on.
Helpful tip - if you’re hoping to reschedule a session sooner than the times listed, snag an open appointment (so you have one on the books) and let Brian know you're looking for something sooner.


Some housekeeping...

  • Coaching sessions are non-refundable therefore if you cancel your session you will forfeit your payment (not the same as rescheduling).

  • Same-day scheduling strongly discouraged.

  • To reschedule your appointment at no additional cost, you must do so 24-hours in advance.

If you are having trouble with scheduling or are looking for not-listed times, please reach out to Brian directly. He is there to help with questions/concerns.

If you need to cancel last minute or have an urgent message to Brian (within 24 hours) - please be sure to text Brian directly. 


Please reach out to Kaleigh if you have any billing questions or concerns. kaleigh@brianpatacca.com

important forms

If you haven’t already...

please complete your contract and coaching questionnaire.




Free Group Consultation at John Rosenfeld Studios in West Hollywood

To schedule your free consult, click here and use the code: BRIAN.


Marketing Services - found on our site here

For more info and to get in touch with our Marketing department, covering everything from postcards to your EPDB (we'll chat about this). Simply email Summer and let her know you're a current client.


Reel Editing Services - found on our site here

For more info and to get in touch with our Editing/Reel Services. Simply email Landry and let her know you're a current client.

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Thrilled to have you back!

If you are interested in booking an individual session at a special former client rate, click the button below - this link will cover payment & scheduling.

If you have any questions or if you're interested in jumping back into a monthly coaching program, simply email Kaleigh: kaleigh@brianpatacca.com


Text us!

If you need to reach either of us
and would like a quick reply,
texting is the way to go.

Brian - (917) 576-5647

Kaleigh -  (424) 307-4170