Surrendering to the Slow Down

We run from fear and we run from grief, and the way that we run from grief is to be productive. Productivity becomes our shield for our feelings that we don't want to feel.

It's like when we get sick...

And our body moves slower. It says "slow the heck down, because I need to get you better. So I'm going to slow you down for a while." ... It's the same thing with depression.

Depression or sadness can be a way to slow down the unexpected event in your life: that breakup, that disappointing piece of news, this pandemic.

The Universe is saying, "I need you to slow the heck down so that you don't miss the lesson. I need you to learn from this."

And it would be SO tempting to keep yourself busy and NOT check in. I think all of us right now are wrestling with,

Who am I in this moment?

And who am I going to be afterwards?

And we fight that question because it is a hard one.

So surrendering. It doesn't mean that you have to walk down the street all cranky and ho-hum, but it *does* mean that you have to give some time in this slow period to confront it, or be willing to be with it. 🌹 -This is an excerpt from ILEA's online event Staying Sane: Creatively.

Brian spoke at the event on May 20th, 2020. To view the full recording, click here. Access password: ILEALA100!

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