Here’s your dose of realness for today: Readiness is overrated. [Mic drop. Fireworks. Spit take.]

Yup. It’s true.

When I was in the early stages of my life coach training, I did an exercise that totally expanded my thinking around readiness. In the exercise, I had to imagine that I had this giant billboard, and then decide what it was gonna say. Without even thinking about it, two words appeared to me: “Just Start.” Not “just do it,” not “do it tomorrow.” Just start.

Thinking about doing something will never offer as much value as the learning, growth, and stretch that comes with taking action.

I’m not saying don’t consider the pros and cons. I’m not saying don’t meditate on it. I’m not saying don’t look before you leap.

I’m saying…nothing you’ve been “thinking about” doing for the past month or year or five years needs any more thought. Sometimes the only way you’ll know what’s next for you is by taking the first step.

So, I’m sure that as you’ve been reading this email, something has come to mind that you want to start or “should” have started a long time ago. Hold yourself accountable to doing one thing – however small – towards accomplishing that goal.

When you just start, you kick off a downhill ride towards achievement and discovery into motion.

What have you been putting off? What have you been “thinking about” doing instead of taking action to make it happen? Cruise on over to my Facebook group and leave a comment!

Just do(ing) it,


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