Quit Trying to "Pick Someone's Brain"

Ever reached out to someone by email or approached another person at a party and asked for the opportunity to “pick their brain?” Please promise me that you will never do this again.

Why? Here are four very good reasons:

  1. It’s gross. I mean seriously, consider what you’re saying. Nobody wants an untrained layperson digging around in one of their most important organs. Jokes aside: the phrase has an icky ring to it. It suggests an invasion of privacy and that’s no bueno when what you’re asking for is help.

  2. It suggests you’re looking to get something from the other person. Your job at a networking/schmoozing event isn't to get anything. It’s to make a real human connection and experience at least one moment with another person where things get a little real.

  3. It’s selfish. I want you to think in terms of the best possible outcome for everyone, not just yourself. Consider what you might be able to contribute to the other person’s success. If you don’t think you’ve got anything to offer, think again - you're creative, resourceful and whole. You're also full of good ideas!

  4. You’ll get what you want anyway. I promise you with all my heart that if you show up open to connection and ready to give as well as receive, you WILL learn whatever brain pickings you were hoping for and you’ll also know a person’s heart... and that’s when the real miracles will start!

See you in the sandbox, Brian

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