The answer to your most pressing career questions revealed

I want to sell my screenplay AND I want to do my podcast AND I want to start my own business and I am seriously going to explode my brain like that Emoji if I keep going at this pace, Brian, help me!

Ok, friend. I sooo hear you. But please slow your roll. Take a breath. And keep reading...

I know how difficult it can be for a talented creative like you to make choices about the right direction for your career.

You’re probably really good at a lot of things and you want to explore all of your natural gifts. Of course, you should… that’s exactly what The Universe wants for you.

Part of the work I do with artists just like you is to get them to be very, very quiet. (#ElmerFudd4thewin)... to close their eyes and remember the exact moment they realized they wanted to be – check that – the moment they knew they were meant to be an actor, or a writer, or a painter, or a chef.

That original voice, that feeling, it doesn’t abandon you once it says, “Go do it.” It’s always there to speak to you – but in the midst of our #adulting and #ambition, we tend to shut it out.

For some people that voice is God. For some people it's Buddha. For some people, it's whatever they understand to be “something outside of themselves” – the animating force of the Universe. Whatever it is, it’s connected to you. {Spiritual Creative Pro-Tip: listening to that voice is the aim of a spiritual practice}.

So, when someone is trying to decide between acting, writing, teaching, or what they think they’re “supposed to do,” I encourage them to sit still and listen for the bigger desire. It comes via the still small voice of God or the Universe or the stars and the planets. Whatever you believe in, you simply have to listen.

The alternative is to fling yourself headlong into the abyss with blinders and earplugs, thinking, “I’m just gonna do this because this is what the world says I should do.”

Can you go this route? Totes.

You can choose your teeny little ego or you can choose the same power that makes the Earth go around the Sun and keeps the stars apart.

I’m thinking you know which way I’m hoping you’ll go on this...

{Spiritual Creative Pro-Tip: I believe The Universe plants desires within us and then organizes itself around our pursuit of those desires. Stick with me here… Your desires are what lead you to go to that school, move to that city, take that class, and go to that Starbucks where you interact with those people. Your desires move your parents to visit you in LA where they never would have gone if you hadn’t moved there.

They motivate your friends to watch that show they wouldn’t have watched if you weren’t on it. The Universe is constantly organizing and self-correcting, according to your pursuit of the desires it has placed within you. The stronger your pursuit, the more organized the Universe becomes. This is why it is so important to listen when it speaks.}

Listening is a profound piece of our work as artists. It helps you to walk your path with clarity and confidence safe in the knowledge that you’re doing the right thing.

So the next time you can’t decide what to do with yourself, pause, sit still and listen. Ask that voice within: Is this right for me? Then trust and take action based on the answer.

Afterward, come over to the Brian's Breakfast Club page and let us know what you heard.

Always listening,


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