Don't Let Perfection be the Enemy of Good

So this isn’t an exact quote of Voltaire but it’s a darned good paraphrase and I think it’s something we could all stand to be reminded of every now and again.

Does this ever happen to you?

You’re writing a message to someone “important” and you get stuck in a tangled jungle of words. You write yourself in circles trying to find the “perfect” way to articulate your thoughts.

If you find yourself perseverating [#SATword] over what to write, it’s probably because your intention is about outcome, rather than growth or improvement.

I’m not saying that achievement is a bad thing, but when you approach your life with a curious mind – knowing that mistakes are an opportunity for learning – that email, the words, the turn of phrase, will come easily.

We can hold ourselves back for weeks, months, years, even decades as we try to make things perfect. Listen to me now: perfection is boring.

And furthermore, can you name one perfect person? Nuh-uh. Chances are good that the person you think is out there living a perfect life, is experiencing just as many spilled cups of coffee, missed trains, and awkward meetings as you.

Here’s to the good that’s found you and the great that awaits, Brian

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