Know Your Impact

What's it feel like after you leave the room?

I’m talking about your inherent, natural, organic impact. That special feeling you create in a room – whether you’re yucking it up with your squad or going deep with someone one-on-one.

This question got you stumped? Not surprising. It can feel super vulnerable to go there. And if you’re anything like me, you’re too busy focusing on makin’ it happen to get woo-woo with your feels. Plus, you might be a little afraid of what you’ll find out.

Do I come off as overly aggressive?

Am I “likable?”

Are people attracted to me?

Do I turn people on or off?

Here’s the dilly: the chances are good that you do some things really well when you’re interacting with other human beings. But if you don’t know what your own special sauce is made of, you won’t be able to slather it on. And we – the people in the world with you – we want more of it.

It’s what attracts your tribe and keeps us coming back for more. (So don’t be selfish, pour it the heck on.)

Here are a few ways to get intimate with your impact:

  • What has been true about you since the day you came into this world and your mama held you in her arms for the very first time?

  • What do your friends say about you (even the things that you find hard to believe)?

  • Is there a metaphor, color, shape, song, smell, or texture that describes you in a room?

  • If you had ONE WISH for each person you come in contact with what would it be?

Now put it all together and that’s what you’re all about, friend.

Bring your gift to everyone you meet... and you’ll be showing up in this world in a big way.

Glad you’re here,


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