Are you paying your bills like it's sacred act?

I was in Japan earlier this year and I was enchanted by toriis – and whether you've been to Japan or not, you've seen one.

Toriis are eye-catching, bright red-orange (the color with the most fabulous name – vermillion!).

Toriis indicate the entrance to a Shinto shrine – but more than a signpost, toriis communicate that you’re crossing over from the mundane to the sacred; from a secular, earthly plane to a spiritual, holy one.

Toriis are visual reminders, standing tall, and shouting at ya, "Hey you! Get woke, be mindful before you come over here, it's special over here... are you ready?!"

Are the bills piling up in your mailbox?

If you open your bills on your way out the door; toss them onto the floor of your car; or just try to forget about 'em – you’re treating your money as mundane... which is precisely how your finances will manifest in your life. Or maybe you suffer from stranger danger (!!!) – afraid to even look at your finances? Yikes!

How good are you at saying no?

Do you say "yes" to every request for your time, money, and energy without taking a moment to cross under a mental torii; to get quiet and ask yourself, "Is this right for me?" If so, you’re treating the precious experience you have on this planet as mundane – and you've got a scientifically proven 97% chance of showing up resentful, distracted, annoyed, or disappointed to that event, class, dinner, job, etc., etc., etc.***

We need grounding, mental check-ins. We need to get quiet and get in touch with the small, still voice within before we jump into our default stressful, anxious, avoidant, or neurotic thinking – and especially before we take action!

Time and money are crass, loud-mouthed headliners in the temple of your life's passion. So if you're creative, working on something that you care deeply about – you definitely need a torii.

Our lives are fast… and they are sacred.

Summon your mental torii and "walk" your thinking from the mundane into the sacred. It takes 5 seconds to walk through an arch... and your finances, your time, your energy, your creativity, your career, and your relationships deserve at least 5 seconds.

How powerful and aligned will you feel when your bills are paid, your choices made, and your life is lived from the sacred level?

The next time you go to your mailbox and start to absentmindedly open your bills, or give a knee-jerk “yes” to a friend’s invitation... chickity-check yo’ self before you wrickity-wreck yo’ self through a mental torii – give your bills and your time the chance to be sacred.

Psst.... this life you're living right now, yeah, this one – not the one in ten years, this today, this moment – this is sacred.

***This was not tested on animals, but in a client's first couple sessions they express frustration about not having enough time, energy, and money... and 100% overcome this by getting mindful about their yes's/no's. #WalkThruATorii

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