#RealTalk Ep. 114 - The YES Actor

What is your favorite kind of actor to work with?

I like to work with actors who are game. You are saying, yes let’s try it. I don’t know if that feels uncomfortable, I’ll try it anyway. You don’t come to coaching or come to someone like me who works with actors to be comfortable. You come to be, “that is a little uncomfortable. I have to stretch to do it. I am going to make a scary phone call. I am going to drop off at an office I’ve never been to. I am going to try and get on the pyramid lot.” That is the kind of conversation that I want to have with you.

I want that conversation to be one that ‘makes this scary, exciting, fire’ kind of light inside you to know that this is what it means to get a little closer to what I want. An actor that says ‘yes’ is an actor that I want to work with. Guess what? Me translates to casting directors, to managers, to agents, to producers, to writers, to creators, and they want actors who says, “yes, sure let’s try it. Let’s go for it.”

That’s what your taste level gets to come in saying “oh, or what about this or what if I try it like this?”This is where it becomes a collaborative, creative conversation. That’s what I want to work with.

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