#RealTalk Ep. 113 - Making It

Do you believe that if you never give up you will "make it"?

First of all, can we let go of the idea of “Making It”? Everyone’s definition of ‘making it’ is a different story and it is something that is outside of you and has nothing to do with reality. It is of some vision. That is the way it is going to look when I am an actor. Quit carrying that baggage around, it is really heavy and it is not cute.

The second thing is if you never give up. What is never giving up? Is it just standing in line? Standing in line alone is not what it takes. It takes emotional and spiritual fortitudes to continue to put yourself out there, to continue audition. You can’t sit at home waiting for the phone to ring. If you never give up means I am going to wait for the phone to ring by my agent, that’s not going to mean that some day you are just going to make it.

I think that this idea of making it, even the idea of never giving up, is a myth. The truth is you want to be an actor, what I would pass to you is that you are an actor. You are doing the work. If you put in the work you are an actor. What happens next is where magic in the universe all collide and you are actually doing it in front of people that get to see it being done. That be on a small screen or on someone’s phone, your web series or on a big screen or at a play.

If you never give up, do I think an actor will just make it? No, I think that at the end of the day the reality is the actor who says, “if you’re an actor, you are making it.” That is what I come down to.

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