#RealTalk Ep. 111 - The Compeller

What is the most common reason that actors give up acting?

I could spout a bunch of mumbo jumbo, positivity hippy, bullshit right now but I am not going to. The truth is that actors give up acting because they are not being validated from without. To be able to form an opinion and a belief in your art takes experience. It takes the athleticism that I talked about on the previous video to continue to working on your acting. That you know that your acting is good.

Steve Martin said, “be so good that they can’t ignore you.” My words that I like to use is “be compelling”. Compelling to me says if you compel me that means that I am going to do something. I am going to say that I am going to meet that person. I want to them to come in for an audition.

People give up because they are not getting that validation from without. I take a step back and say, what’s going on inside? Where’s that place that you don’t believe in your art. Of course we know that there’s a reality. There’s, “I got to pay my bills. I got to take care of my family.” Those things can come up as a piece of why people can give up acting.

What I would say to that person is, “is there space for acting? Can we change our relationship with acting to be the only thing? Is there something else you love?” There are so many actors who have their acting career and they have their freedom job or some people call it their survival job and they love both of them. Let’s not let money be the question here. You can become an actor to become rich or you won’t be doing this.

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