#RealTalk Ep. 109 - The Amazing Client

Does it really all come down to the audition?

Look, I run with the assumption that your acting is awesome, because one of my values is that you are practicing your acting all the time. So yeah, you better do a really good freaking job in that audition room. If you’re not getting call backs, check that out. What aren’t you doing in the room?

But here the truth is, how do you get in the room? Where do you put your energy to get in the room? And this is where I think a lot of actors just toss up their hand and be like “My agent will get it” or “ I don’t have an agent yet, I should just work at getting an agent.” So my truth for that is, there are ways to get in the room without an agent, and if you have an agent, are you being an amazing client? So, are you submitting yourself on tape, or are you looking through the break down and putting in the tapes together and sending it directly to them? Are you doing a drop-off? Are you making a phone call when it’s appropriate? When is it appropriate, right? That’s your question. I’m not getting into that in this 1 minute video. Are you visiting your agent every couple of months or more. Are you dropping by once a while and say “hello”. Are you sending out postcard? Are you sending out newsletters? Is your side of the street clean with your agent? So, the truth about this is does it all comes down to the audition? I wish, is the answer.

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