Happy Holidays! Easter and Passover's metaphysical meanings for spiritual beings.

Best wishes for a Happy Passover and a Happy Easter.

Marianne Williamson views Easter through the lens of, A Course in Miracles. She explains that, "Easter is not just a symbol; it is a metaphysical fact. Resurrection occurs when the mind becomes purified by unconditional love, which is total forgiveness. This causes an alchemical reaction -- a miracle beyond what the mortal mind can understand -- that nullifies the effects of negativity. Our having surrendered our lovelessness, God Himself delivers us beyond the ego mind and the suffering it produces (the crucifixion).

And that is the miracle of Easter: the dissolution of fear and the reemergence of eternal love.

What is the role of Jesus in all this? According to A Course in Miracles and other esoteric teachings, he is one who actualized the divine potential within all of us: the totally loving mind, or Christ Mind, that is God's ultimate creation.

Having actualized the Christ within him through the attainment of unconditional love, according to A Course in Miracles Jesus became one with the Holy Spirit, or the eternal connecting link between God and his "separated Sons". He was given the role of Internal Teacher, an evolutionary Elder Brother who is authorized, should we request it, to help us achieve what he achieved. Jesus is not the only name on God’s door, according to A Course in Miracles, but it says that if he is your teacher then you need no other.

A Course in Miracles says that awe is not an appropriate reaction to Jesus because that would imply a different order of reality from our own. It teaches that awe is to be reserved for God Himself. But Jesus is due our devotion and our love because of his devotion and love for us.

The principle of resurrection applies not just to Easter, but to every day and every situation. And not just to him, but also to us. A Course in Miracles says the crucifixion was a radical teaching example, meant only to show us that the effects of crucifixion are nullified by love. All of us hang on the crosses of our lives, and all of us can rise. Jesus did it, and so can we. Easter is a day to celebrate what has been accomplished in one mind, and thus accomplished for all.

It says in A Course in Miracles that we don't have to believe in the divinity of Jesus in order to learn or practice the Course, but that if we do invite him personally to enter into our hearts then there is that bit more he can do for us. The imprint of his power on our psyche, whenever we request that he be there, is truly a gift."

It is my hope that you experience the gift of Easter on a deeper level this year and every year to follow!

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