#RealTalk Ep. 108 - The Self-Promoter

Why do you believe in mailing and newsletters?

Why does Coca Cola have billboards, commercials, advertisement all over? I need to know you exist. I don’t remember my barristers name at Starbucks this morning, do you? You may have auditioned for me 3 months ago and done a beautiful job, but between three months ago and today I’ve seen 1300 actress in your category. I’m not going to remember you.

So what I need to do is, I need to get a postcard, I need to get an email, or I need to run into you at the grocery store, if you are lucky enough, or see you in the work shop that says, “Hey, I exist. I’m in the business. I still would love to come in and see you again.” It is just a way of saying, “Hey, I’m here.” That’s all that it means.

Now you can add a lot more baggage to this, which could be really fun for you, if you make it about like, “yeah, but I don’t want to be annoying with my email. I don’t want to send a postcard.”

Great! How does that feel? A little paralyzing huh? You want to sit there at home in your cave and act for your dog? Great, you can do that. I’m suggesting this is… give it some lightness, have a sense of humor about yourself. Just a, “Hey, I send my post card every month. It’s just something I do. Same way I pay my phone bill.” Thank goodness I have the money to afford it!

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