Get the Right Work Done

Ever feel like being an adult is just saying “I’m so tired” to other adults all day? Let's work smart on the good stuff and not hard on the lame crap LISTEN TO @harvardhbs and me!

#TheHBRGuidetoGettingtheRightWorkDone will help you not only cut down on the busy work that doesn’t get you to your goals, but it helps cut down on that stress, guilt, and that little voice inside telling you you’re not achieving enough. SHUT IT little voice. Your inbox is overflowing. You’re paralyzed because you have too much to do but don’t know where to start. Your to-do list never seems to get any shorter. You leave work exhausted but have little to show for it. It’s time to learn how to get the right work done. In the HBR Guide to Getting the Right Work Done, you’ll discover how to focus your time and energy where they will yield the greatest reward. Not only will you end each day knowing you made progress―your improved productivity will also set you apart from the pack

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