Brave Enough

July 13, 2017

 I get it- it can be tough to find the time to sit down, focus and read a whole book. #BraveEnough gives you bite-sized pieces of delicious, inspiring words of wisdom that will keep those wheels turning throughout each day. Whether you’re fighting through writing a script, feeling burnt out on relationships, or just need a daily pick me up- this pocket-sized pick-me-up will remind you that you ARE brave enough, just as you are. 

From the best-selling author of Wild, a collection of quotes--drawn from the wide range of her writings--that capture her wisdom, courage, and outspoken humor, presented in a gift-sized package that's as irresistible to give as it is to receive. 

Around the world, thousands of people have found inspiration in the words of Cheryl Strayed, who in her three prior books and in her "Dear Sugar" columns has shared the twists and trials of her remarkable life. Her honesty, spirit, and ample supply of tough love have enabled many of us, even in the darkest hours, to somehow put one foot in front of the other--and be brave enough.

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