#RealTalk Ep. 105 - Balance

What’s the hardest thing about balancing the ART and BUSINESS of acting?

Okay, so here’s the truth guys: Balance is a myth.

Stand on one leg just for a few minutes there and notice how your foot continues to adjust to that moment. It’s not static, it’s continual. The little muscles in your foot are adjusting to try to get you to stay there but balance is a dynamic state. So, the idea of having balance is the idea of being in relationship to the fact that you have work one day, you have acting another day, you have acting class, and then you have an audition.

The way that balance exists is by saying, “I’m taking it all in, like the waves of the ocean. One day I have this and one day I have that and having ease around that.”

When I see actors who have ease around that, they are the definition of balance to me. They are just like, “Oh, one day is this, one day is that and I just kind of balance through it.”

They balance through with purpose though. That’s the part that I think is what often is missing, so that balance gets like, “I’m out of balance,” because they don’t know what their purpose is.

So, what do you want as an actor?

Do you want to be doing TV? So if TV is your guiding North star then you know that, “Okay, I can’t work today, but tomorrow I’ve got an audition for this TV show, or I’m actually going to be working in my acting class on a TV script.”

You’ve always got that one thing pulling you in a consistent direction, to me that what balance is.

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