30 Affirmations that will Change Your Life

I am worthy. I am abundant. I am loved. I hold myself in my greatness. I am grateful. The Universe loves and supports me. I am powerful. There are infinite possibilities. I am unstoppable. I am destined to create my ideal life, career and relationship. I am the best goddamn actor that there is on the planet. I am a creative superpower, full of fresh ideas and imagination. Scripts are my best friends; I don’t memorize, I connect. I am a morning person – I seize the day. I have an infinite amount of wonderful energy. In a new situation I recognize possibility not difficulty. I approach everything with a sense of abundance. I love myself – endlessly and unconditionally. Whatever I touch turns into gold. I inspire others to greatness and show them what’s possible. I have an open heart and an open mind. People feel good when they are able to give me money. I exude confidence out of my every pore. People respect me for my competence, for my stellar looks and because I keep my word. Everybody loves to hear me talk, they recognize that I’m a master of conversation. I am charming, eloquent and radiant. This industry needs me and I have a lot to give. Money comes to me easily and effortlessly, waking and sleeping. Something wonderful is happening to me today, I can feel it. My affirmations work for me, whether I believe they will or not.

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