#RealTalk Ep. 104 - Focus

Which actors tend to THRIVE in the business?

Actors who are focused. This means we chose one goal. This is the one thing I want.

A lot of actors will try to do everything. They say, “I’m doing commercials. I’m doing voiceover. I’m doing film. I’m doing theater. I’m doing Improv. I’m doing stand-up.” Great! You have a really abundant life, but can we let 90% of those be hobbies and can you chose one you’re going for all the time?

Then your actions are geared by a North Star. You have a compass by which to spend your money and where to spend your time so that you’re not going to every Tom, Dick and Harry workshop in town. You are just going to workshops for film, for example.

This is a lot easier than it sounds in ways, because we feel like, “Oh I don’t want to let go of those other pieces.” That is why I like the idea of it being a hobby so you have some ease around choosing this one thing.

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