#RealTalk Ep. 103 - Get FAT

What are the three most powerful qualities an actor can possess?

You need to be FAT - FOCUSED, ATHLETIC and have a TASTE Level.

So what does that mean?

Focused: You’ve got that North Star, that one thing you want the most, whether that’s TV or film, or improv, or commercials. Not all of it.

Athleticism: You’ve got to practice, like the same way a musician or an Olympian would have about running that race; going out there practicing and practicing so that your instrument is in shape. You can’t go to class once every three months you got to be there working on this instrument, and be auditioning.

Taste Level: So I need you to have opinions about everything because I need you to be on set and be like, “Oh, I get where we're going with this story. I don’t agree with where were going in this story but I’ll play it out in a way that make sense to me. How does it fit on to my person?” Unless you’re continually honing your opinion, you’re kind of boring. You’re boring on stage. You’ve seen boring actors before and you’ll be like, "Why did they get this part?” Don’t be that actor. You need to have an opinion about every word that you’re saying. How do you form opinions? Allow yourself to have them. Allow yourself to identify “I don’t like tomatoes.” So whatever it is that is your thing that you like, like I like humor that’s this way. I like it when I get to play an arch character. I like it when I change my status level.

Again, it’s that focus, that one place you’re headed, athleticism, so continual working on your skill and that taste level so you know what do I like, what do I not like, so you are able to navigate through the multiple choice you’re going to have to make in your career.

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