#RealTalk Ep. 101 - The Entrepreneur

In your opinion, what is the toughest realization that actors have when they come to in Hollywood?

When you’re an actor in Hollywood, or in New York for that matter, you are not just an actor. You are a business.

Now you’ve heard that before, “you’re a business, you’re an entrepreneur.” Yes, that is part of what it is but to me the truth is your business isn’t going to run unless the employees are satisfied.

You’re employee Number 1. So, to me, that is being fulfilled when the actions you are taking week after week or month after month are ones that actually resonate with you; that say “yes, I’m calling out into the world I want to do my art.” So...

Are you sending post cards ever month?

Are you sending out an email newsletter every month?

Are you submitting every single day?

Are you making sure your reel is sassy, awesome, and amazing?

Do you have head shots that reflect who you are?

Do you have a resume that has all your credits on it?

Are you trying to network?

Are you going to workshops?

That’s a long list of things...

Are you managing that in a way that lets you say, “Ha! I’m an artist.” This is one of the biggest realizations and growth points for actors; especially like actors coming straight out of college or actors that come from New York to Hollywood. They're like “whoa, whoa, whoa!” Yes, you’re going to stretch a little bit here. You have got to get used to this kind of like, “Oh, I’m running a business while I’m doing my acting.” When you were eight years old and you said, "I want to be an actor", this was not what you thought being an actor would be, so there’s going to be a stretch. You’re going to have to go outside of what you thought this meant and that’s where I think a lot of actors throw up their hands and they need some kind of piece of education. That’s where I say, “reach out to the resources around you that can help you learn about running a business or can be about an actor business. You have some new learning; the learning that comes with running a business, because that’s not what you’ve been up to all this time.”

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