#RealTalk Ep. 102 - The Submitter

What is one habit that would help every actor’s career?

Submit everyday to every website you can find: L.A. casting, Actors Access, Backstage, Casting Frontier, Cazt. If you are in Los Angeles, use Hollywood Casting and Film. Anywhere you can! (Playbill and IMDb are starting to do some kind of break downs.) Anywhere you can find an audition to submit more do so and submit for everyday.

Here is the reason why: Yes, I want you to go through the process of, “I exist. I need to be seen for this role. I’m excited about this role.” But, the next part of this is, I want you to get auditions, because going to an audition is the only place where you can build that spiritual and attitudinal musculature for, “How do I show up in a room? How do I bring my art to a bunch of people who are pretty much kind of judging it? How do I show up as my artist self?”

The only way you can really create that, you can’t falsely create an audition, is to go to those auditions you don’t care about like, “I would never take this student film even if I booked it.” Great, but, go in there and wow them! I want you to book stuff and turn it down. That’s where I need you to be.

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