butterfly certainty, caterpillar courage

I wish my mind was as certain as a caterpillar's. Allow me to explain.

Consider this... To the caterpillar, the story of the butterfly is not cliché.

The caterpillar is doing just fine, noshing on sweet, leafy greens and suddenly she wonders, "Is there more to life?" She's not sure what to do next, but she knows enough to slow down, cocoon herself, examine the darkness and see what's possible.

You know what happens next, but she doesn't. She courageously trusts that the universe intends bigger things for her and takes a moment to look at the yearnings inside of her. She has no freakin' idea what will happen!

Would that my mind was like a caterpillar's...

  • How differently would you enter an interview, audition, meeting, or rehearsal?

  • How much more peacefully would you write that time-sensitive email?

  • How much more grace would you have in that difficult conversation with your boyfriend?

  • How much clarity would you have as you prioritize that gigantic to-do list?

Who would you be, knowing the universe's only intention was to lift you up? What wisdom the butterfly knows that the caterpillar did not...

Adopt butterfly certainty to engage caterpillar courage. Like our little friend, let's hold the paradox that your life and career is exactly as it should be in this moment... and yet, still want more for you.

Creating a practice that makes this mindset accessible and applicable is specific to your own history and it's the key to unlocking the greatness already written in the stars for you.

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