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A clear action plan with doable steps.


His knowledge is mind-boggling!


Brian's so innovative; he can focus in on something and explain things in a way no else has thought of before...

with heart and how-tos.


My Story

I became a coach out annoyance, I swear. 

I was sahakingSix shows a week I shook my groove thing in the Off-Broadway hit, The Donkey Show, a disco retelling of A Midsummer Nights's Dream. But backstage banter soon took a centerstage; as I heard my fellow cast members share their dreams all the while watching them run themselves ragged on the hamster wheel that had become their lives.


I was watching my friends work hard and achieve little: they complained of feeling unfocused, financially strapped, and unfulfilled. And that's now what I wanted for them.

I cut my marketing and design teeth working in the trenches of the top Broadway advertising company (I learned quickly that it's sink or swim when you're trying to catch someone's eye in the middle of mind-dizzying Times Square).

I was recruited by a career coaching company and traveled the world teaching the business of creativity. But it still wasn't enough... I found that structure and accountability were the key to my clients' successes. 

Brian Backstage


Beyond his undying enthusiast energy, Brian’s unique combination of empathetic, empowering, and direct coaching makes clients feel seen, heard, and open to transformation. Since completing life coach training at the Coaches Training Institute, Brian is a great fit for all unstructured professionals who seek rigorous accountability, marketing innovation, forward-thinking, goal-focused and soul-satisfying success (e.g., freelancers, entrepreneurs, writers, photographers, designers, etc). He is a graduate of Northwestern University.

Brian found another calling... He set out to coach creatives/freelancers toward happy lives and successful careers through rigorous accountability, marketing innovation, and inspiration. He went on to create Actor Salon, a life and career coaching company focused on freelancers and artists. There are now Actor Salon trained coaches in working with clients in Los Angeles and New York City.

Who Works With Me

Work with me when you want a clear action plan and results that resonate on a deep level.


Work with me if you want to attract the right type of energy and attention to your endeavors, dollars to their pockets and fulfillment into your life.

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multi-hyphenate moms

entrepreneurs and more

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My Manifesto

I believe that you are enough.

I believe that you are creative, resourceful, and whole.

I believe discomfort is a call-to-action.

I believe we sometimes just need a bubble bath.

I believe in being silly.

I believe in being serious.

I believe that you are worthy.

I believe that disappointment is normal.

I believe our brains sometimes behave like caged animals.

I believe in love.

I believe your fear has it's place, but it's not in the driver's seat. 

I believe in forgiveness.

I believe in celebrating big and small successes.