I believe 


structure, and focus

are necessary for a productive coaching relationship... 


My ongoing coaching program 

was created to 

specifically enable 

and encourage

your success.




 You want lasting change inside and out. 


You believe your personal growth is integral to your professional success.

You sometimes feel unfocused.

You want ongoing support between your in-person, phone or Skype coachings. 

You want to take a look at who you are being and what you are doing to live your best life.

You want to dig deep, face your fears and recognize your strengths. 

You might be having nagging thoughts about money, health, family, friends, career... 

You want the relationships in your life to reflect the work you've done on yourself. 

You are ready for more.

You've got a spiritual side that comes out from time to time... or all the time. 


You’re committed to making big changes in your life.


We'll dig deep to embolden your creative fulfillment and uplift your life and career with marketing innovation and dynamic mindset tools. 





Two hour-long, coachings every month 

by phone or in-person 


Lifeline conscious access to your coach with

unlimited text/email expert exchanges


3-month commitment


If you're an actor, this program will also be a fit for you, especially if you need an edge to jump to the next level. For an additional fee, you'll have three passes to attend sessions of ongoing Actor Accountability Salon in Atlanta, New York, or Los Angeles.