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Finding Your Calling In a Sea Of People and a Universe of Unknowns - Brian Patacca
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How To Coach Yourself To Find Your Life's Calling

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June 5, 2017

Let’s clear the air: Crying is not a sign of weakness.  It’s a sign of strength.

 #TearstoTriumph gives you that real talk: sometimes it’s best to just cry it out. Whatever weight you’re carrying from past hurts, let’s let it out together.

Instead of allowing oursel...

January 25, 2017

Let's go for big change. It's a new year, and spring is around the corner. For the sake of your burgeoning metamorphoses, let's assume you submit online daily, send out monthly marketing to maintain your industry relationships, audition often, attend workshops to build...

November 23, 2016

#BriansBookClub unleashes Damn Good Advice (For People With Talent!) by George Lois.

Time for recess! Reading this book is like running around the playground for your brain. Not just because it's full of mind-bending, artfully curated photos and images, but also for it...

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